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Mar 18th, 2018, 02:33am

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 sticky  Author  Topic: Best UFOs Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Ever !!!  (Read 1129 times)
Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof
Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Videos

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Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Videos Documentaries

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exclamation Best UFOs Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Ever !!!
« Thread started on: Mar 10th, 2012, 1:10pm »

TOP 10 Best UFOs Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Evidence Ever...
Welcome Everyone.
Here in this particular message post
we will be adding the TOP 10 BEST UFO ALIENS PROOF...

Our UFOs Aliens Videos Network...
Alien UFO Video Proof. Aliens UFOs Free Videos. Free UFO Videos.

Extraterrestrials. Dr. Jonathan Reed. Best Art Bell Interview Ever!!!
Coolest stuff we've heard for a long time...
Part 1 to Part 18.

"Decide Whether We Should Show Up"...
Videos in YouTube, search for...
1. Do You Wish That We Show Up !!!
2. Decide Whether We Should Show Up !!!

Lisa Loves UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence. (A)
Lisa Loves UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence. (B)
Lisa Loves UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence. (C)

"Abduction Diaries"...
(See Part 1 - Part 5)


Best UFO Files Videos Ever // Unsolved Mysteries: The UFO Files.

Unsolved Mysteries - The UFO Files, Disc 1 (01:35:12)

Unsolved Mysteries The UFO Files, Disc 2 (01:30:40)

Unsolved Mysteries The UFO Files, Disc 3 (01:32:59)

Unsolved Mysteries The UFO Files, Disc 4 (01:29:47)

Or search YouTube for other copies.

Or search for other copies.

Or buy the DVDs...

# Number of Discs: 4
# Studio: First Look Pictures
# DVD Release Date: September 7, 2004
# Run Time: 360 minutes

Episode Listing...

Disc 1:
ers UFO
Allagash Abductions
Crop Circles
Phoenix UFO
Nazca Lines
Mexico UFO
Vancouver Lights

Disc 2:
Roswell/Area 51 Connection
Hudson Valley UFO
Belgian UFO
Falcon Lake UFO
UFO Healing

Disc 3:
Austrailian UFO
Missing Time
Socorro Close Encounter
Kecksburg UFO
Texas UFO
Face On Mars

Disc 4:
Men In Black
Canadian UFO
Wheatfields Visitations
Life On Mars
The Blob
UFO Odyssey

The UFO Files Unsolved Mysteries has endured since 1987, the producers were savvy enough to update the show making sure that UFO segments had an X-Files feel to them. Robert Stack, clad in a trademark trench coat, introduces each segment with serious gravity, as if he were revealing government secrets to Mulder and Sculley.
Each UFO segment plays like a mini-documentary. There are interviews with the eyewitnesses, analysis from experts in the field, some occasional footage and a re-enactment drama and special effects. The audience will be intrigued by the interviews and the sightings with photographic evidence are always fascinating.
Adding to the feeling of an unbiased documentary, the experts - both sceptics and believers - explain their positions while witnesses are run through lie detector tests or are corroborated with the local police chiefs, etc. The end result is that the viewer is left with compelling evidence, credible witnesses but asked to draw their own conclusions and do their own UFO research!
WORTH IT: Absolutely! The UFO Files works well as a great starting point for library research as all segments are based on celebrated cases of UFO sightings or extraterrestrial encounters.
RECOMMENDATION: If you want a briskly paced video overview of some interesting UFO cases, The UFO Files is a must-see!


Best Real M.I.B Videos. The Real Men In Black...

Men in Black.
MIB are the "Third Party" mentioned in the intelligence data called ...
"Decide Whether We Should Show Up".

We Have 20,421 Channel Views there in 7 months.

Study all those videos, and start caring about your Human Family & Planet Earth.


Best MP3s about UFOs and Extraterrestrials Free...

Click 'NEXT' near the top of the page to see all 4 pages of MP3 files.
Download one at a time.



Best UFO Chat Rooms // All Our UFO Chat Rooms

Introduce You & Your Homepage or Blog here.

Best MP3s about UFOs and Extraterrestrials // Free

Welcome to... "Aliens Extraterrestrials Central"

Don't Click Links, Unless You Trust the Member or Site.

release of proof mayans an ets contact new documentary

Aliens Extraterrestrials Central - Permanent Back-Up Forum.

Decide Whether We Should Show Up // Do You Wish That We Show Up

"Buried My Cat Up In The Hills Today"

Welcome Orbit !

Different Types of Aliens Extraterrestrials Species.

Fishermen Capture Military Jets Chasing UFO into Sea in Spain.

Random Song Thread.

Skies over chicago.

Welcome Truthhunter.

Interesting Links.

Our News of the Day smiley

Hi, I am Jim's friend helping at... Lisa's Aliens UFOs Site.

Using holographic technology to hide the truth?!!!

Above Top Secret Knowlege // YouTube

Forum Tips & Questions.

Welcome CaptainJames ! smiley

Welcome Anshara ! smiley

I7redd // Private.


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All I know is,
I have to be,
the best Human Being,
I can possibly be.

- from the documentary called
"Abduction Diaries"

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Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Videos Documentaries...

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