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Mar 17th, 2018, 10:57pm

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xx Phantom Plane?
« Thread started on: Oct 31st, 2008, 07:28am »

The strangest thing happened to me 2 nights ago. I was sitting on my couch at about 7pm watching tv, the weather was calm and skies clear but it was starting to get dark, still you could see about 2 miles so visibility was good. All of a sudden something in the sky catches my eye (the full length windows are near the tv) and I turn to look and I see this full size cargo plane, kind of like the ones you see used in Iraq to carry heavy equipment (big bodies and few windows). There were absolutely NO LIGHTS on this whatsoever and the speed it was travelling was really strange, not super fast like a plane would yet not terribly slow either. Also it was flying extremely low, like just before touchdown low, I live on the 9th floor of my building and it was only maybe 2 floors higher than that right in front of me. It was maybe a half a city block away I would say. It was large and bulky looking but I could see a snub nose on it, like the cargo planes have and definite airplane wings, it was in no way the shape of a typical round or oval UFO. I got up, reaction time about 5 seconds, and went to the window that was close but as I did it totally disappeared. There were no sounds or time lost or other planes in the sky near it at the time. I do face south here in Ontario Canada, in Ottawa actually, and the airport is in that direction, say 5 miles at the most, so I do see planes take off and landing and they are in the sky so I know what they are like but this was nowhere near the same. No lights, big and dark and the speed was unusual, the height it was flying was crash type distance but the nose wasn't down it was totally horizontal. It left me with an eerie feeling but not really scared. This happened on Oct 29, 2008. I have a big field in front of me if that's any use to you and we had just had our first snowfall the day before so the field was all white. It was no reflection or any strange lighting issue, it was a big smoothly moving cargo like plane. From where, who knows. shocked
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